Arcona: Augmented Reality on Blockchain

Arcona is a virtual reality platform using blockchain.

Among the most ambitious virtual and augmented reality projects powered by the blockchain, Arcona aims to create the most immersive experience possible for consumers, linking the real world with the virtual world. The platform will allow anyone with internet access to experience and participate in a world of unbounded creativity.

The foundation of Arcona is Digital Land that can be bought, sold, and rented by users. Digital Land is bounded by precise measurements and can be modified by owners as they see fit. Users can modify their surroundings using a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or VR headset. The platform will allow users to travel and experience places all from the comfort of their home. With the native token of the platform, Arcona, users can conduct business and earn an income from it.

The Arcona system, unifying the virtual with the real world, will allow a wide range of commercial activities. Users can profit from tourism, real estate, advertising, education, and art, to name just a few possibilities. The open P2P nature of the platform will give users the possibility of expanding their business in ways that were previously not possible. Given that land in dense areas will command high prices that can fluctuate just as in the real world, users will have the potential to profit from selling or renting Digital Land that is in strong demand. Just as in the real world, property and copyrights will be protected, given that ownership is recorded transparently on the blockchain.

The Arcona token is ERC20 compatible and runs on top of the Ethereum protocol. As an ERC20 token, it can be stored in popular Ethereum wallets and traded at exchanges. As a token with value tied to the growth of the platform and that can be traded with ease for fiat and cryptocurrencies, it will function both as a currency and a potential investment.

The team behind Arcona has extensive experience in augmented and virtual reality, having created eight virtual reality parks in six countries while working for PilgrimXXI. In these parks, visitors can experience major historical events and see architectural wonders of the past in all of their splendor. These parks have enthralled visitors and boosted tourism to these cities. Unlike competing virtual reality projects, the Arcona team has proven that they can succeed when met with formidable challenges.

The Bastille from Arcona creators.
The Bastille in Paris recreated by Arcona creators.

The main crowdsale will take place from April 15, 2018 to May 15, 2018. During this crowdsale, the Arcona token can be bought for 0.0025 ETH. Already, Arcona has collected over 3,000 ETH, showing the project is popular among investors. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who join the crowdsale will help fund the development of a platform that takes augmented and virtual reality to the next level.

*I am receiving Arcona tokens for the growth of the community.

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