Coinvest: Decentralized Cryptocurrency Investing

Coinvest offers decentralized cryptocurrency investing.

Declaring the democratization of cryptocurrency investing as among its primary aims, the team behind Coinvest is building the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. In this user-friendly exchange, investors will easily be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and index funds.

Unique to the Coinvest exchange is the Coinvest protocol that defines how transactions take place using smart contracts. As stated in the whitepaper, the aim of this protocol is to reduce costs, risks, and complexity for investors. Coinvest will thus emphasize the ability of investors to easily and seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies, so that delays are avoided and settlement is instant.

The exchange will allow investors to create their own index or combination of cryptocurrency assets. The exchange of assets will occur by means of the native token of the platform, COIN, will is used to ensure liquidity and settle trades. The portfolios of investors will be virtual and in relation to COIN, thus simplifying the platform for investors. Coinvest will hold reserves to ensure the stability and liquidity of the platform, and will grow its reserves from revenues generated depending on the needs of the platform.

The benefits of owning COIN are numerous. Since COIN is required to trade assets, its value is tied to the use and popularity of the platform. Users of the platform can also allow others to copy their trades — known as “copy-trading” — to earn COIN from the fees involved. Additionally, traders can earn COIN based on their trading frequency, thus incentivizing use of the platform.

The Coinvest ICO is scheduled to take place from February 16 to March 16, 2018. The hard cap for the crowdsale is $30 million. During this crowdsale, 1000 COIN will sell for $700. No more than 107 million COIN will be minted, thus limiting the supply and supporting its value. The funds raised during the crowdsale will cover expenses such as marketing, development, administrative, and legal expenses.

During the presale, Coinvest was oversubscribed and quickly reached its $3 million hardcarp. The upcoming ICO will give investors who missed out an opportunity to join this ambitious project aiming to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream.

*I am receiving Coinvest tokens for the growth of the community.

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