Covesting: Copying the Best Traders

The Covesting COV token is the main token of the copy-trading platform.

A revolutionary copy-trading platform, Covesting, has sprung up, allowing traders and investors to select up to 20 of the top-performing cryptocurrency traders to earn profits along with them. Currently, Covesting is having an ICO that will last until January 15, 2018, to raise funds for developing and marketing the unique platform.

Covesting will establish a highly-liquid platform that will use the COV token for instant conversion to other cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform will be able to copy the trades of the best performers in real time, allowing them to see the changes reflected in their accounts. For copying the trades of the best performers, or models, the top performers are given 18 percent of the profits from the trades while the Covesting platform will take a 10 percent commission. The remaining 72 percent of the profits is kept by those copying the trades, thus rewarding them for choosing the best performers. This distribution of profits will ensure that everyone wins using the platform, thus encouraging its popularity and growth. Moreover, at least 50 percent of the profits generated by the platform will be used to buy back COV tokens from the exchanges, which in turn will be burned, thus reducing their overall supply and rewarding long-term investors of COV tokens.

Covesting allows cryptocurrency traders to copy the trades of the best performers.

The structure of payouts will foster a competitive environment that also will be psychologically and financially rewarding to top performers. The better traders perform, the higher their ranking will be, thus encouraging more users to follow their trades. Thus, top performers not only win from their own trades, but also from the 18 percent of their followers’ profits that they will collect. This structure will attract many of the best cryptocurrency traders in the world, thus making the platform very attractive for ordinary people who want to win along with them.

In turn, ordinary people interested in cryptocurrency investing can allow professionals to manage their trades for them, giving them peace of mind and allowing them to focus on other things. The copy-trading feature of the platform will give confidence to investors who would otherwise feel that cryptocurrencies or technical and fundamental analysis are too complicated for them.

During the ICO, investors will be able to purchase COV tokens at a discount: depending on the phase of the ICO, investors will receive between 520 and 800 COV per ETH. A total of 20,000,000 COV will be created, and 75 percent of these will be offered during the ICO. The Covesting team will use the money raised during the ICO for making the goals of the project a reality. Given the uniqueness and innovation of the Covesting project, and its potential to change the balance of power from big institutions to ordinary investors, those who purchase COV tokens during the ICO may realize substantial gains in the coming years.

*I am receiving Covesting tokens for the growth of the community.

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