NapoleonX: Algorithmic Crypto Manager

NapoleonX will use algorithmic trading to manage crypto assets.

Riding on the two powerful waves of the emerging tokenization of the economy and rise of quantitative trading, NapoleonX is offering a platform allowing ordinary investors to benefit from these trends. NapoleonX will establish decentralized autonomous aunds (DAFs) that will implement varied strategies to suit investors, and will allow token holders to earn income from the fees these DAFs generate.

According to the NapoleonX whitepaper, among the obstacles keeping cryptocurrencies from being more widely adopted is the limitation on what currently can be done with them and how they are perceived, such as being a means of payment. NapoleonX envisions a world in which cryptocurrencies can be used to manage a wide range of investments, thus displacing the traditional banking system by allowing investors more control over their own assets and finances. To bring about this reality, NapoleonX will create DAFs that are managed by a bot or blend of bots giving investors access to a panoply of tokenized assets. Building on technology that has been developed over decades, the team behind NapoleonX will create DAFs representing the latest in quantitative trading technology and development.

NapoleonX will use bots to manage crypto assets.

Concurrently, NapoleonX predicts more assets will become tokenized, or converted into digital tokens to be freely traded. Accordingly, shares of major companies will be available for purchase using cryptocurrencies. With the increasing tokenization of the economy, NapoleonX will be able to use bots to give users of its platform exposure to these assets.

The native token of the platform, NPX, will grant token holders access to trading signals and fees generated by the use of bots by DAFs, referred to as “botons.” In total, no more than 50,000,000 NPX will be minted, thus preventing a drop in value due to a growing supply. The nominal price of NPX during the crowdsale that ends February 28, 2018 is 1,000 NPX per ETH, with bonuses available depending on the amount raised.

*I am receiving NapoleonX tokens for the growth of the community.

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