DataBroker DAO: Decentralized IoT Data

DataBroker DAO is an IoT data exchange.

DataBroker DAO is an ambitious project to create a truly decentralized P2P exchange for IoT sensor data powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This P2P exchange will allow data to flow more efficiently, providing innumerable benefits for individuals and businesses.

With the rapid advancement of technology, and in particular devices connected to the internet, an ever-increasing amount of data, much of it useful, is being generated. In 2016, there were nine billion IoT sensors globally, whereas in 2019 this figure will reach about 33 billion. This data, potentially monetizable, is largely siloed and kept from individuals and businesses that could make use of it.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, the DataBroker DAO exchange will execute smart contracts that allow IoT sensor data to be exchanged freely. Smart contracts allow parties to execute agreements without the involvement of a third party, making them cost-effective. In the DataBroker DAO ecosystem, the role of gateways, or telecommunications companies, will be crucial, given that data is transmitted over their networks. The DataBroker DAO platform will allow gateways to monetize their infrastructure by making it compliant with the platform, thus earning a percentage of the transactions they facilitate from users of sensors in their network.

The utility token used for transactions on the platform is DTX, an ERC20 token. Of the transactions on the platform, sensor users receive 80 percent of the transactions, and gateways and the platform will each get 10 percent. By rewarding all users, the ecosystem will flourish with activity as users mutually benefit from it.

The potential uses of this data are socially and economically critical. Data from weather sensors in various parts of the country can be used to obtain more accurate data than that given by the National Weather Service. Smart city initiatives spending enormous sums of money deploying sensors will be able to recover these expenses within a few years by selling their data in the exchange. Self-driving technology companies can use sensors from vehicles to develop the best self-driving software to be offered to car manufacturers. These are just some of the possible uses of the data on the exchange.

The presale for DataBroker DAO is taking place from March 19, 2018 to April 25, 2018. During this time, one ETH will buy 6,000 DTX. From April 26 to May 26, 2018 is the main token sale, during which one ETH will buy 4,000 DTX, though a 10 percent bonus will be given on the first day. The respectable 4.1 rating given to it by is a strong statement on the credibility of the project and team behind it. So long as DataBroker DAO fulfills its roadmap, it is likely to play a disruptive role in the market for IoT sensor data.

*I am receiving DTX tokens for the growth of the community.

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