Lucyd: Ergonomic AR Smartglasses

Lucyd AR smartglasses are designed to be comfortable.

With a team of leading scientists and 13 patents, Lucyd seeks to bring augmented reality (AR) to the mainstream by making smartglasses that are ergonomic and appear like regular glasses. With the understanding that the public demands AR devices that are comfortable and inconspicuous, Lucyd has designed their smartglasses to meet these preferences. Lucyd is also minting its own token on the blockchain to build an ecosystem that continues to grow and improve. The smartglasses are slated to be release in 2019.

Essential to building a thriving ecosystem of innovation is the native token, LCD, that will be rewarded to developers of AR apps for the smartglasses, with the amounts rewarded based on user reviews. Users who provide reviews will also be rewarded with LCD, ensuring a continuous feedback loop that improves the technology and user experience. The LCD token will run on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which is decentralized and secure, thus allowing users of the platform to store them with popular Ethereum wallets and trade them at exchanges, including to convert them to fiat currencies.

To make the Lucyd smartglasses look and feel like normal glasses, the computing power of the smartglasses will be done using a smartphone, with the smartglasses acting as a periphery device. The use of smartphones for the raw computing power will keep the smartglasses light and comfortable. The smartglasses will have the wires for transmitting data in the stems, to prevent them from being noticeable and thus awkward to wear. Additionally, the microdisplays on the lenses will be transparent and thus unnoticeable while in public.  These microdisplays will conveniently provide information about objects, people, and landmarks surrounding users, and will also enable users to view their email while taking a stroll.

The crowdsale for Lucyd ends February 28, 2018, during which time investors will be able to buy the LCD token for $0.25. A maximum of 100,000,000 LCD will be created, keeping the supply restricted to benefit token holders. Half of these tokens will be offered to the public during the crowdsale, and the tokens dedicated to the team will be locked for 12 months to safeguard the interests of investors. Investors interested in bringing AR to the mainstream should thus consider this project backed by prominent scientists with ambitious aims.

Author: pushups44

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